West Guangzhou’s Healthcare District
Datansha Master Plan
Guangzhou, Datansha Island

The Datansha Master Plan was conceived with the goal of creating a sustainable model of development with healthcare and wellbeing as its main driver.

To leverage the strong medical and wellness resources already available in Guangzhou and re-envision the island as a prime healthcare district for the region, the proposed urban planning strategies were symbiotic with the current city fabric. It also carefully considered land-use coordination with transport systems. One of the ways this is achieved is through the introduction of a north-south axis as the main artery of the framework. This spine connects two light-rail stations with Datansha and loops around the edge of the island. Layered over the existing street system, the resulting fabric is a network of effortless circulation and multiple nodes with a distinctive character. This enabled the master plan to create a conducive environment for the establishment of a mixed-use health chain that includes medical treatment, medical education, research and tourism.

The densification of the urbanscape was also consciously balanced with the integration of landscape design so as to deliver a liveable, delightful and healthy built environment. The two main housing clusters – Central Park and Waterfront clusters – are planned to ensure each development has access to quality open spaces. Planning guidelines such as sky decks and roof gardens are also proposed to create an environment lush with accessible vertical green.