An Agile and Responsive Work Environment
Digital Lab @ Land Transport Authority

The design intent was to create a digital-inspired space to depict LTA’s role in connecting Singapore island-wide, as well as having the capacity for employees from LTA’s satellite offices to come together and collaborate.

These solutions to the limitations Covid-19 forced on us put into place the infrastructure through which workplaces have the capacity to be more flexible with the use of digital technologies. A factor most pivotal to this lifestyle shift was the use of QR codes, whose pixelated patterns were extrapolated into visual motifs around the space.

With the future of workplace design evolving constantly and rapidly, the team noted the importance of configurability and employee well-being in relation to designing layouts and programming of spaces. Breakout spaces allow for decompression and collaboration, giving employees a chance to socialize and foster a sense of belonging to the company.

Modular and movable work desks give employees the freedom to fully utilize the space and for it to remain highly configurable to suit employees’ needs – such as discussion, training, seminars, workshops or for showcases. Through catering to different users’ needs and laying the groundwork for future technological advances, Digital Lab aims to constantly improve workplace culture, increase employee productivity, and utilize office space efficiently.

Design team

DP Design