Cohering Culture and Modernity
Doha Festival City
Al Shamal Road, Doha

Doha Festival City Mall embodies the mix of traditional Arab customs with modern lifestyle, reflective of the measured evolution of its city into a metropolis of the Arabian Gulf region. With more than 400 international and local retail stores, it is a prime component of the largest retail and entertainment hub in Qatar. Sensitive design innovations were presented in novel forms while remaining deeply rooted in the strong history and cultural identity of the country.

Grounded in way-finding and place-making, the interior design strategized the easy identification of the various zones to break down the massive scale of the building. The four zones are created with the intention of characterizing specific retail segments of the mall, made uniquely identifiable with a different theme. A star-shaped chandelier, a modern interpretation of an Islamic pattern through glass and crystal, marks the ‘Luxury District’, where a clean monochromatic colour palette highlights the retail shop-fronts of high-end brands.

Food and hospitality offerings in the ‘Market Place’ are complemented by a warm and woody material palette. Similarly, a different spatial tone is set at the events plaza connected to fast fashion and full-line stores, where a flexible and programmable layout take precedent.

The intricately designed interior complements the simpler but provocative exterior concept which pays homage to the desert. Reimagining each retail zone as the heart of the public spaces, local character is infused in contemporary way-finding design elements to lay the groundwork for self-identification and place-making.

Design team

DP Architects, DP Design, DP Green