Living Above the World’s Biggest Mall
Downtown Views

Downtown Views is a 55-storey luxury residential tower sitting on a nine-storey podium that is part of the Dubai Mall expansion. A total of 318 residences, ranging from one to four-bedroom apartments and duplexes, are complemented by lifestyle amenities including a pool and health-club terrace on the podium roof. Its prime location means one thing – the most spectacular views of Downtown Dubai, Burj Khalifa and Burj Lake as well as unobstructed 360-degree views of the Dubai landscape.

Surrounded by wide highways at the southern and western side and low-rise private villas at the northern side; the presence of the tower is further accentuated. For residents, living at the doorstep of the world record holder for the largest shopping and entertainment centre is the best perk.

Every design element is meticulously considered – from the placement of solid fins in between glass windows and the size of balconies, to the crown treatment. The result is that Downtown Views shine like a beacon, unmistakably recognisable even from afar. As part of the Dubai Mall expansion, the design reflects and reinforces the Arab vernacular architecture of the mall and Hotel Address Dubai Mall.