New Kid on the Block
Stephen Riady Centre
2 College Ave West, Singapore 138607

It is open and inviting. It is also sophisticated with design elements that draw inspiration from its environment. It is the new campus village on the southwest corner of the National University of Singapore (NUS) University Town (U-Town). Thoughtfully conceived, the Stephen Riady Centre is poised to reinvent the country’s college experience while establishing a strong identity for the university.

Hosting academic, residential and commercial spaces within its three-storey mixed-use complex, its facilities are spread over five zones: administrative, sports, performance, educational and amenities. These include a rock-climbing wall, two multi-purpose sports halls, an open-air swimming pool, a gym overlooking a large recreational field known as the Town Green, dance and music studios, a 466-seat auditorium, global learning rooms and seminar rooms. An open plaza lies at the heart of the building, providing a central gathering point for students and visitors.

Seamless spaces for dynamic functions

To achieve this, the concept for the interior environment focuses on the use of colours, patterns and textures that engage and encourage activity, learning and creativity. Internal functional spaces are characterised by splashes of colours; at times bold and vibrant, and other times soft and subtle, it is befitting of the wide range of activities encapsulated within the building. Taking inspiration from the educational nature of the building and the texture of book spines placed on shelves, the wall treatments echo the geometry found behind those lines and patterns.

With covered connections to the Campus for Research Excellence and Technological Enterprise (CREATE) hub and the Education Resource Centre, the Stephen Riady Centre forms a strong focal arc for student activities at U-Town. The interior environment helps create a holistic education experience and promote experiential learning among its students.

Design team

DP Design