Where Work is a Walk In the Park
Frasers Tower
182 Cecil Street, Singapore 069547

Sited on prime land and adjacent to one of the limited green spaces in the Central Business District (CBD), the design intent for Frasers Tower was to deliver standout architecture that contributes towards a more delightful work environment and a more livable city.

To create a strong urban statement, its form breaks away from the traditional rectangular office block with a base that flares outwards and tapers towards the crown as the core is progressively reduced. This helps to create distance from neighbouring buildings, allowing Frasers Tower to establish a remarkable presence in the crowded CBD.

Responding to the neighbouring park, the development was conceived as an ‘office in a park; park in an office’ with biophilic elements flowing from ground plane into the office lobby space. Terracing up the outdoor retail decks and to the office sky deck, the bold use of lush greenery blurs the line between indoor and outdoor. The proximity and accessibility to greenery provides employees with biophilic experiences that positively impact stress recovery rates and cognitive functions. Within these green spaces are four community zones which have been designed to meet multifarious needs, ranging from small-scale parties to town hall gatherings, encouraging professional and social interactions within the working community.

Synthesising the horizontal expanse of green and the vertical expanse of glass that surround the site, the form differentiates itself while maintaining a dialogue with the context.
— Tan Chee Kiang

Design team

DP Architects