Greater than the Sum of its Parts
GBA International Sports and Cultural Center
Guangdong Province, Foshan New City

growing maturity and complexity in the way it can cater to the increasingly complex needs of end-users. Offering both lifestyle and recreation programmes at once, creative reinvention of interstitial public spaces as the connective tissue was key to supporting and unifying the diverse programmatic components into an integrated development.

A multi-levelled, central pedestrian thoroughfare, flanked by the arena and mall, connects the subway and waterfront, creating a canyon-like boulevard that defines the main axis of the development. Designed to accommodate a large flow of people during large-scale events, the underground public spaces form large sunken plazas to deliver rich spatial experiences and a heightened level of visual awareness. At the north, the thoroughfare opens up into a variety of waterfront spaces. These connective spaces are envisaged to transform into a series of vibrant outdoor activity spaces which are easily accessible from all parts of the development.

Across the development, multi-levelled connective spaces formed by plazas, boulevards, waterfront outdoor spaces and roof terraces are used to integrate the various existing zones and programmes. To encourage interesting dialogues between the internal and external environments, lush green sunken courtyards are provided at the basement levels, serving as an arrival plaza that greets subway commuters while ensuring a visual connection between the multi-levelled connective spaces.