The Community Core of Guangzhou Knowledge City
GKC Knowledge Tower
Guangzhou, China

The 330-metre tall GKC (Guangzhou Knowledge City) Knowledge Tower, situated on the northern bank of Jiulong Lake, is the first of a series of super high-rise developments along the city’s central axis park-space. Enjoying premium lake views, accessibility to park greens and connected to Guangzhou Metro Line 14, the overarching goal of its architectural scheme is the vertical extension of community spaces to allow unique sky communities to be formed.

To achieve this, the development is conceived as three towers rising around a ‘life-spine’ that comprises stacked public atriums serving as elevated living rooms. The building plans and the stacking of atriums are based on modular clusters to allow for maximum operational and programmatic flexibility. Each cluster is akin to an elevated city neighbourhood where three building blocks encircle a co-sharing identity space that uniquely serves its inhabitants.

The building also extends in three directions, effectively maximizing panoramic views towards Jiulong Lake and city scenes. The height differences of the site are used to elevate the ground plane, revealing retail and direct access to services on the first basement level towards the lakefront and central park. With sensitivity to human scale on the ground floor, complex programmes are grouped into two annex clusters that radiate from the main tower plan. The elevations are angled to create a firm base for the tower.