Modernist Glitz and Glamour within the City
Grand Park Orchard
270 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238857

Grand Park Orchard is more than a hotel; it is a comfortable haven, a resort and a lifestyle centre – all rolled into one. It is located at the crossing between Orchard Road and Bideford Road and boasts all the amenities one would expect of a world class shopping district.

The project is dressed in a variety of different media, from static cladding, to an animated LED Matrix and even an extensive television screen. These diverse uses of technology allow the building to metamorphosize, thus embodying the transformative nature of fashion and travel.

For the static cladding, a distinctive V-shaped pattern known as Herringbone was selected due to its use in creating sophisticated and timeless fabrics for fashion. The incorporation of the herringbone pattern into the glass façade extends this metaphor into the structural fabric of the building.

Incorporating LED light technology into the patterned glass panels of various translucency, allows emphasis on the herringbone pattern at night. The lightings can be further programmed to create different responses to various festive atmospheres. A deep canopy system produces a unified mall frontage, transforming Grand Park Orchard‘s retail promenade along Orchard Road into a grand shared space for sidewalk activities.

Attuned to the retail tendencies of urbanites, the design of Grand Park Orchard maximises urban legibility through the seamless sinuosity between fashion, travel and architecture, drawing in curious pedestrians.

Design team

DP Architects