A District for Technological Innovation
Guangzhou Science City
Greater Bay Area | Guangzhou, China

Among the first industrial zones in Zhujiang River Delta Region in the 1990s, Guangzhou Science City (GSC) recently underwent redevelopment to transform, expand and rejuvenate it into a leading technology hub and Industry 4.0 district. Working with existing programmes and challenges, the master plan seamlessly synergises the new core comprising key players in advanced and smart manufacturing solutions with the current core while resolving poor infrastructure, traffic network and the lack of public facilities and amenities.

It achieves this through three strategies. The first, Development Structure, creates sustainable circulation into the site, which simultaneously connects the site with its surrounds and functions as a guide on allocation of future nodes. The second, Green and Blue Structure, leverages the natural patterns and existing eco-corridors to activate the water canals and connect a 100km greenway network comprising 50 hills and 32 parks. The third, Industrial Development Structure, introduces thematic clustering to facilitate the rapid urban development within GSC.

Sustainably future-proofed for long-term growth, the expansion and regeneration plan of GSC will guide development for the next two decades. It will shape the urban spatial structure and ensure a promising future for a world-leading, advanced manufacturing hub in the Greater Bay Area.

Design team

DP Architects, DP Green, DP Urban