Empowering the Next Generation of Volunteerism through Design
Heartware Network Office
568 Ganges Ave, #02-100, Singapore 160568

Committed to transforming the lives of under-served children and youth, the charity organization seeks to instill positive values and strong character through programmes that nurture a spirit of volunteerism, entrepreneurship and leadership. As a safe space for training and growth, youths are engaged to be resilient, innovative, of service to others and entrepreneurs. The design goal for the charity’s new office was thus, to create a space of possibilities where youths would be able to gather, interact, and most importantly, be involved.

Breaking away from conventional institutional outfits, a more socially responsive design concept was applied to enable the innovative use of space. What resulted is a flexible, customizable and spontaneous work environment with a distinctive modular grid furniture system and interactive plug-in elements, encouraging participation among the youths.

Green and smart-control features incorporated within the space boost youth awareness of the global movement on sustainability and smart-technology, emboldening them to take ownership of their part for the environment. Hanging mobiles and signages add distinct character to the space, showcasing and advocating what the organization and their youths stand for – doves representing authenticity, planes representing the spirit of enterprise, boats for dedication and cranes for integrity.

Our design aims to embody and showcase what Heartware Network represents – encouraging and empowering volunteerism in youths.
— Seah Chee Huang, CEO of DP Architects

Design team

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