Rooted in Tradition, Looking towards the Future
Islamic Financial Center
Tanggerang, Indonesia

IFC Twin Tower is the very first Syariah Financial Hub in South East Asia, featuring Class A office spaces with lifestyle retail strip at ground floor.

The twin towers are configured in a way that they are embracing Fortune Plaza, a green park right across in front of the project. The greeneries across the park transition up gently to the towers, resulting a cascading podium with landscape to form a continuity of greens from both sides. A carved-out opening at ground floor area creating a motion flow, providing a grand combined drop off to both lobbies. Upon the arrival, guests are greeted by an array of distinguish Islamic geometrical columns, elaborating the façade design from the top to the bottom of the towers.

A resemblance of the modern Islamic Mashrabiya façade design boldly marks out the iconic identity of IFC Twin Tower in Islamic Financial Center. Mashrabiya is an element of traditional Arabic architecture used since the Middle Ages up to the mid-20th century. Inspired by the basic Islamic pattern, the sleek geometric outline of stainless-steel spread across the towers’ main façade. At night, the towers project a series of lighting effects across the façade network, glittering like stars.

IFC Twin Tower, the first ever unique Syariah office tower in Indonesia, is designed to be a world-class business hub, offers a modern, sustainable and future ready workplace..

Design team

DP Architects, DP Façade, DP Lighting, DP Sustainable Design