Jewel of Gurugram
Joy Gallery
Sector 66, Gurugram, India

Located in Gurugram, Joy Gallery is conceived as a skyline-defining landmark characterized by a three-storey retail ‘jewel box’ on its north face and a diamond-cut inspired office tower form above. The scheme seamlessly integrates public and private spaces in both open-air and air-conditioned settings to create a delightful place that promotes a sense of community and collaboration.

Central to the scheme is the pedestrian plaza. Conceived as both a transitory and communal space, it subtly separates the retail area from the private office domain while opening up to spaces for collaboration. The pedestrian plaza is complemented by a generous event space, covered with tensile roofing to provide shading and user comfort, as well as intuitive wayfinding, such as bridges on the upper levels.

Thoughtfully conceptualized and programmed, Joy Gallery is poised to be a place where work and leisure meet in a delightfully dynamic synergy.

Design team

DP Architects