Enhancing Community Bonding, Empowering Individual Wellbeing
Jurong Spring Community Club
8 Jurong West Street 52, Singapore 649296

The project, nestled in the heartlands of Jurong Spring, was one that pushed for a transformative refresh of the old community club into a vibrant and inclusive community heart for its residents. Envisioned as an extension for the neighbourhood, its architectural scheme introduces a porous and borderless streetscape which not only creates a more intentional dialogue between the development and its surroundings. The improved accessibility to the community club also serves to invite the neighbourhood in.

Within, a reprogramming of the spatial organisation presents a more synergistic clustering of the main atrium and its adjacent facilities and amenities like the multi-purpose hall, classroom and indoor court. Punctuated throughout by lush greenery, the spatial programming aims to emphasize the concept of shared spaces and encourage greater social cohesion through community engagement.

Expressed in an expanded aluminium mesh façade and muted colour scheme, the industrial modern building envelope of Jurong Spring Community Club is at once a nod towards the precinct’s industrial past and a breakaway from conventional articulations of the community club typology. A varying panel orientation applied in combination with subtle panel divisions create an alluring contrast when viewed from different angles.

The veiled façade not only unifies the entire building from all angles. As an architectural spectacle, it effectively revitalized its identity and gives it renewed relevance to both its locale and its community.

Design team

DP Architects, DP Green, DP Sustainable Design