Sophistication and Comfort for all Ages
Land of Legends Shopping Avenue
Antalya, Turkey

Inspired by the natural and heritage wonders of Antalya, the Shopping Avenue is part of Land of Legends, an integrated lifestyle and themed entertainment resort comprising a five-star hotel, theme park, waterpark and a lifestyle retail centre. Its design weaves together the textures of natural environments and old cities to create a richly textured entertainment destination catered to all ages.

To accommodate an elongated site, the layout of the Shopping Avenue is arranged around multiple focal points, serving as activity areas. Each of the three main activity zones take a distinct design approach – the Central Zone is grand and formal, South Zone infuses old-world glamour with elegant surprises while the North Zone caters to a younger demographic with a more casual and delightful atmosphere.

The retail zones and resort components are seamlessly connected by a continuous pedestrian loop. The western half of the loop features a canal which provides boat rides for visitors who prefer a more intimate experience of the thematic features. The Eastern half of the pedestrian loop features an antique trolley route, which takes visitors through the fun, casual and child-friendly Village Square, the 100-metre tall signature castle, and the Galleria – inspired by the old-world glamour of European Gallerias and Turkish bazaars – before ending at the visually stunning South Marina just next to the Luxury Quarter and Dining Pavilion.

The Shopping Avenue is envisioned to be a unique lifestyle destination for the resort city of Antalya.

Design team

DP Architects, DP Sustainable Design