Articulating History and Refining Luxury
Marriott Courtyard Da Nang
Da Nang Han River, Vietnam

Infusing cultural references to its location, the project grounded the hotel in its local context and identity, allowing travellers to experience the uniqueness of their destination city. Drawing on Da Nang’s beautiful natural scenery for inspiration, the project weaves each distinctive feature into individual spaces for spectacular ‘Instagrammable’ displays, encouraging travellers to share their experiences on social media.

By addressing the social aspect of hospitality design dictated by the online culture of travellers today, Marriott Courtyard Da Nang engages the spirit of the locale to provide guests with a meaningful and memorable experience.

The cultural background and beautiful oceanic color scheme can be found at every corner in the hotel for guests to feel the coziness and comfort by Da Nang’s nature. Amazing Da Nang scenery is re-created with wall covering in main feature wall with open concept bath to make sure that the concept is continuous from interior to exterior.

Wrapped in an eye-catching façade of light and glamour, the Marriot Courtyard Da Nang promises elegance that respects the history and significance of its locale.

Design team

DP Architects, DP Design, DP Façade, DP Lighting