Inspired by the Elegance of Georgian Townhouses
Mayfair Gardens
8 Rifle Range Road

Situated along Rifle Range Road, Mayfair Gardens is a development consisting of 4 residential blocks housing 215 residential units. Inspired by the affluent and upscale Mayfair district in London, Mayfair Gardens is a modern interpretation of the intricate architectural style, domestic scale and distinctive heritage of buildings found in the eponymous Mayfair, London.

Each tower consists of the crown, the torso, and the pedestal, with proportions following that of a typical Mayfair building. The regularity of the fenestrations helps keeps the façade classical in proportions. Attention to details such as the design of the balustrade, the presence of wall groove lines, window mullions, and Juliet balconies lends a Mayfair touch to an otherwise contemporary form.

Portals are utilised to frame up series of balconies, breaking down the larger building form into a series of multiple volumes. The portals and series of volumes helps emulate the language, form, and scale of a typical Mayfair building.

Due to spatial constrains, all towers have been placed at the perimeter of the site, allowing for an open central communal space where residents could gather and interact with one another. The congregation of amenities like the gym, the swimming pool, and the function room on a smaller, separate plot creates an exclusive recreational area that belongs to the residents of Mayfair Gardens.

Design team

DP Architects