A Mix of Tradition and Modernity
Mövenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa
23 Beach View, Sentosa, Singapore 098679

The design work for Mövenpick Heritage Hotel delves deep into the heritage of Singapore and its past colonial history to imbue the hotel with a mix of tradition and modernity. It is a consequence of sensitive and dedicated conservation of two three-storey pre-war buildings, which housed military forces including the First Malay Artillery Regiment of Singapore, in Sentosa.

The former link between the two barracks is revitalised into a breathtaking triple-volume space framed by cleverly designed lattice patterns inspired by rice grains, a local and regional staple. These patterns are brought through to the linkway galleria where light percolates through the screens, creating a soft, dappled effect. The floor joists of old tropical houses were introduced as ceiling rafters in the guestroom’s living area to echo shophouse designs of the past. The conservation doors separate the living and sleeping areas. The alignment of the balcony glass respects the colonial façade while keeping the elements and bustling noises at bay.

The experience is designed to celebrate the genius loci, weaving context and culture to create a sense of the familiar for the relaxation and enjoyment of the hotel guests. Amalgamating elements of tradition and modernity, while simultaneously remaining sensitive to the site’s contextual historical past without restraining the needs of its present occupants, Mövenpick Heritage Hotel speaks to DPA’s deep appreciation for conservation and context.

Design team

DP Architects