Celebrating Work-Play Culture
HITEC City, Hyderabad, India

Nexity will be a one-of-a-kind office destination. Its architectural scheme employs the twin strategy of green and wellbeing design to deliver an office environment that will celebrate a new type of work-play culture. Thus envisioned, the result is an office development characterised by rich landscaping that features well-crafted green spaces throughout, room for leisure at podium level and flexible formal office spaces above.

Its two 22-storey office towers are anchored via an open central core which serves dual functions. It first allows for elements of nature (such as sculpture gardens and Bio-pond water features) to be brought and integrated deep into the development. Porous and pedestrian-friendly, this landscaped park offers multipurpose courtyards, retail and alfresco dining; all aimed at facilitating social interaction, sparking meaningful connection and nurturing a dynamic work culture. Secondly, the open central core offers panoramic views of the city while enabling maximum filtration of daylight into the office floors. The latter, complemented by a dramatically textured façade design of vertical sun-shading elements and random photo voltaic panels, delivers efficient energy utilization.

Together, the integration of green and wellbeing design presents a delightful and vibrant work environment aimed at uplifting the human spirit and promoting workplace productivity while reducing energy consumption.

Design team

DP Architects