Block 51: An Aesthetic Narrative of Façade + Design
Ngee Ann Polytechnic Block 51

Interior design, true to its namesake, is about colouring the palette of an indoor space to create mood and atmosphere that is relative to its functionality. Its design aspect, however, rarely stands alone and is never limited in its association to “interior”. What we mean is simply: In conceiving the aesthetic appeal of a single interior space, our design is oft in dialogue with its surrounding site conditions and associated external design factors. Block 51 at Ngee Ann Polytechnic is exemplary of such an aesthetic narrative between interior design and façade design.

Coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the founding of the institution, Block 51 is part of a 27,000sqm expansion plan in line with the polytechnic’s vision to be the platform for modern dynamic tertiary education, complete with educational facilities that are designed with environmental sensitivity.

In the same spirit of playing with shadows, the floor finish incorporates slanting lines stretching across the open spaces in greys and whites, with bold splashes of aquamarine that are echoed along some of the vertical planes as well. The overall effect is cool, modern and serious; complementing the academic pursuit of knowledge and skills that takes place in the building.

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