Clarity and connectivity

Amid the sea of retail malls along Orchard Road, the grand façade of Paragon Shopping Centre stands magnificently, catching the eye of many – radiating brightly as sunlight hits, and illuminating as night falls.

Located at the geographical midpoint of Orchard Road, Paragon Shopping Centre has had a particularly active history of reconfiguration. Since the late 1990s alone, DP Architects has designed three phases of additions and alterations— in 1999, 2003, and 2009 — each re-establishing the mall’s relationship with Orchard Road by means of increasing levels of transparency, façade articulation, and circulatory connectivity.

290 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238859
Category Retail
Year 2009
Size 93,500sqm
The design responded to the demands of the mall’s upmarket tenants and their requirements for grand street displays. Façade articulations were concentrated in blocks to increase visibility and showcase these brands.
The steel-supported glass entrance enters into the large atrium.
Interior of the large atrium.
Aluminium and fritted panels are detailed to reflect a multi-faceted diamond.

To remain the high-end retail destination of choice for both Singapore and its international elite counterparts, two adjacent existing structures were connected, creating a corridor to house a new concentration of premier fashion outlets along 115 metres of frontage. The ideals of façade articulation and connectivity were articulated through every phase of the building – the 14-storey tower of medical offices notwithstanding.


Keeping with the grandeur of the luxury brands like Gucci and Miu Miu, their shop fascia were reconfigured. Through the articulation of three glazed blocks projecting four metres beyond the original elevation line, they received greater prominence and visibility from afar.

In addition, the introduction of two atria within each existing structure, wide corridors on every level and spans of clerestory windows augmented transparency and internal exposure within the mall.

As shoppers find themselves drawn towards the lightness within the retail heaven that is Paragon, they are greeted by a magnificent building’s frontage that is fittingly supported by the sturdy, structural steel frame at the curved glazed entrance.

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2002 BCA Best Buildable Design Awards
Paragon Tower
2002 BCA Construction Excellence Awards (Merit)
Paragon Building Package 3

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