Extending the Park, Expanding the Home
Holland Grove Road

Conceptually, Parksuites is an extension of Henry Park. It builds living spaces around the park to create an intimate, community-driven living environment, catering towards residents interested in living within nature, communal living spaces and artisanal pursuits. The design of Parksuites is anchored around the themes of “Community”, “Artisanal” and “Intimacy”, inspired by the intimate and exclusive surrounds of New York’s Gramercy Park, with green flowing from the park to the brick walls of surrounding low-rise residences.

Given Parksuites’ proximity to distinctive neighborhoods, where residents are not merely neighbours but active members of a shared community. The Park is also central as a space where like-minded individuals can converge and bond with each other, pledging to the theme of “Community”. On the first floor of the development, commercial units will focus on specialty shops and artisanal F&B to inspire a certain spirit of creative diversity, freedom and convergence, attuned to the theme of “Artisanal”. The theme of “Intimacy” is invoked by the integration of the park, retail and living spaces into a cohesive whole, with the scale of the development being kept deliberately low to enhance a sense of contemporaneity and community.

Ingeniously incorporating the nearby Henry Park as part of Parksuites’ intimate living space, DP Architect’s ethos of prioritizing people-centric design to enhance the wellbeing of residents, while promoting principles of sustainability through biophilic design, is ardently demonstrated through Parksuites.

Design team

DP Architects