Intersecting Botany, Community and Environment
Punggol Green
Punggol Central

As cities develop, opportunities abound in re-thinking the use of sterile space within infrastructural land. Punggol Green is DP Green’s take on turning disamenities into amenities and reclaiming places for the people. It harmonises with the nearby One Punggol and successfully transforms un-utilised space under the LRT viaduct into a 500m Social & Wellness Linear Park through ideas generated from public engagement.

Located in the “Heart of Punggol”, it stitches the existing and upcoming developments together by integrating walking and cycling arterials. Guided by the SG Green Plan; it enhances alternative modes of transportation, becoming a significant social spine for the area. A linear experience that fosters community, enhances value, accommodates recreational needs, facilitates connectivity and improves social exchange, Punggol Green forms a sustainable corridor that supports mobility, public welfare, and inspires innovation in open space.

The landscape design worked within the many constraints and requirements imposed by various Authorities; highlighted by the careful integration of existing PUB drainage and LTA rail structure into its design while conceptualizing this unique community-centric recreational space.

Attesting to the biophilic properties of the project, the team sought to increase biodiversity attraction and mimic the ecological habitats of the proximal coastline with a mix of native and exotic species well-suited to the urban environment and low-light conditions. The result is a burgeoning greenscape that embraces and celebrates a community space for play, imagination and colour, injecting joy into everyday living.

Design team

DP Green