Up That Faraway Tree
Resorts World Sentosa Tree Top Lofts
Sentosa Island

Elevated and fully surrounded by the foliage and tranquillity of Singapore’s tropical rainforest, the Tree Top Lofts at Resorts World Sentosa is your dream of treehouse living come true. Though grander and more luxurious than the treehouse of your childhood, its appeal does not purely lie in the pampering comforts of its interiors. Rather, its charm is found in each unit’s porosity between the exterior and interior; its complete immersion in nature – an all-around aesthetic feature we achieved by working closely with the architects.

Built within the natural greenery of the rainforest on the island of Sentosa, three things were key to our design approach: Context, sustainability and exclusivity. Taking care to preserve the rich heritage of green foliage and existing greenery on site, there are only two exclusive units, aptly named Angsana and Tembusu, after local trees. Each unit comes with a living room and bedroom featuring loft ceilings and access to an outdoor deck which spans the perimeter of the unit.

The need for unique

As travel trends and hot holiday destinations go, more are seeking hotel destinations that deliver beyond typically luxe interiors. The modern travellers of today are on a pursuit for that unique experience, marked by authenticity and rich in localism. As a result, hotels all over are pushing the boundaries of their room conventions and re-inventing the experience. Resorts World Sentosa is no exception.

Called to task, we were challenged to bring more than just a keen sense of aesthetics when conceptualising the interiors of Tree Top Lofts. To deliver a one-of-a-kind hotel room that begets authentic experiences, we had to have a firm grasp of the environment in which the lofts are situated. We also had to display a natural aptitude towards innovation and creativity based on this understanding. Playing with tone, materiality and texture, we created hotel room that is seamless with its rainforest surrounding; achieving a porosity between the exterior and interior.

Amidst nature: Creating that unique experience

Along with a high sloped ceiling, both sides of the room are flanked by full-length sliding doors which open out to the generous external timber deck, offering outdoor lounge seating. A second layer of finely detailed sliding doors incorporate timber slats and insect screens, which allows minimal subtraction of the scenic view without compromising on the comfort and convenience of the guests. Light tones of wood and stone, botanical patterns, rustic textures and green colour accents offer a soothing palette, visually reinforcing the sense of nature inside the living space.

The first of its kind in Singapore, the Tree Top Lofts provide nature lovers with an exotic and tranquil yet resort lounge environment where they are able to bask in the beauty of Mother Nature and enjoy modern comforts.

Design team

DP Design