Communing with Nature and Animals in an Intimate Setting
River Safari
80 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore 729826

Blending nature, wildlife and the built environment, River Safari is Asia’s first river-themed wildlife park, hosting Southeast Asia’s largest panda exhibit and the world’s largest freshwater aquarium. The park brings together the best in zoological architecture and design, enabling an unusually intimate experience between the guests and animals as the naturalistic exhibition spaces were designed intentionally with close proximity to the animals in mind.

Visitors are brought on a rhythmic journey that offers an intimate observation of exhibits in a setting that is an attraction unto itself. Immersing guests and animals in the same landscape allows people to observe how animals live in the wild and to establish an open, authentic connection with the animals. Each of the four distinct have carefully orchestrated paths to deliver unique, thematic experiences. For instance, the giant panda exhibit utilises the surrounding topography to position visitors at eye level with the animals.

The first park of its kind to be rated Green Mark Platinum, River Safari is designed and developed with great concern for the environment, particularly given its surrounding site context, being situated between Mandai Nature Reserve and Upper Seletar Reservoir. River Safari’s ability to incorporate the multifarious concerns of its visitors, animals, surrounding environment and River Safari management into a well-developed and cohesive package, while being rooted in the principles of sustainability is a stellar showcase of DP Architect’s ability to create projects that uplift the human spirit, while having strong environmental resonance.

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