Work Meets Play
RMZ Ecoworld IT Park
Bengaluru, India

Comprising 17 blocks of 10-storey buildings across six different plots, RMZ Ecoworld is a business park built to international standards. The design, which integrates commercial with social amenities, delivers a contemporary work-meets-play environment characterized by richly landscaped central areas and extensive water features.

The sheer scale of the development means that the buildings tend to be very large and its population massive. To create buildings in proportion to human scale, a “breaking up” approach was applied. Traffic circulation routes are allocated to the perimeters of the site and the rear of the buildings with each office block comprising a vehicular drop-off lobby that connects to The Bay (the F&B and retail areas) and a lobby on the first floor that opens up to the Ecodeck above The Bay. This effectively frees up the central area, making The Bay a truly pedestrian-friendly zone where social amenities are concentrated.

ESD analysis such as a study on the ideal ratio of glass to solid surfaces for best thermal comfort indoors were conducted, which informed the climate-responsive design and optimize energy consumption. Stacked and juxtaposed, the resulting building envelopes of glass and stone wall cladding systems form articulated terraces that make for both aesthetically pleasing features and functional communal spaces.

The first mixed-use, LEED Gold Certified development of its kind in Bengaluru, RMZ Ecoworld IT Park will further propel the city onto the international business scene.

Design team

DP Architects