Live, Work, Play in NJITRIP
Sasseur Outlet Mixed-Use Development Complex
Nanjing Jiangbei New Area Industrial Technology Research & Innovation Park

Poised to be the largest lifestyle destination and a landmark in Nanjing Jiangbei Industrial Technology Researh & Innovation Park (NJITRIP), Sasseur Outlet Mixed-Use Development Complex is situated along the scenic Chengnan River. It consists of a four-storey outlet mall with a high-rise office and apartment towers.

Spanning two plots separated by a river and a pump station, the complex features a central link bridge designed to connect the building on the second and third floors. The pump station will be concealed and integrated into the link bridge whilst complying to building control guidelines. The inner façade of the link bridge is organically-shaped and defines a multi-dimensional central ‘river valley’ courtyard that frames the internal river and two water-front plazas. On the northern façade along the riverside, a series of terracing balcones is introduced to create dialogue between the development and its natural surrounds. The result is a vibrant and unique shopping experience well-integrated with nature and its site context.

The architectural massing draws inspiration from Nanjing’s traditional silk brocade and the modern technological concept of cloud computing. Taking into account Sasseur’s signature red-brick façade, this design concept is integrated with red terracotta tiles on the podium façade. With the addition of common areas like the Sky Lounges on the towers, users can enjoy the panoramic view of the city and river.