A Vertical Urban Park within Singapore’s Commercial Heart
SBF Center
160 Robinson Rd, Singapore 068914

Inspired by the small, urban park that once sat on the site, SBF Center was mindfully conceived to bring back this enclave of green reprieve by pockets of verdant spaces throughout the development. The resulting architecture is a porous, open massing that integrates the contemporary urban city lifestyle with the nurturing qualities of nature.

In its efforts to develop a new vertical urban park and achieve 100% green replacement, a series of gardens are sequenced along the building’s façade, oriented towards Robinson Road. These terraced gardens also function as a deliberate intervention to breakdown the imposing building mass to a more intimate scale. Straddling between the podium block and office tower is a voluminous sky park, designed with pool facilities, to promote a wellness lounge for its occupants. Lines of varying thickness and density are mapped onto the façade and the corners have been rounded to mimic the organic environment. Integrated with night lighting, SBF Center presents a distinctive architectural outline.

Inspired by the memories of the existing park, the development preserves its sense of place in the architecture. Visitors are greeted by feature walls, ceiling and floor tiling pattern taking the theme of the park. Recognizing the efforts to build a sustainable building, the development has been conferred with a BCA Green Mark Platinum.

Design team

DP Architects, DP Green, DP Sustainable Design