Contemplative Healthcare
Sengkang Hospitals
5 Anchorvale Street, Singapore 545047

Located in the residential heartland of Sengkang, the hospital campus is part of the Government’s Healthy Living Master Plan which aims to increase accessibility to good healthcare with facilities built within walking or biking distance of residents.

Sengkang Hospitals were thus conceived with community- and patient-centricity in mind. The former is articulated via its attention to porosity and the creation of the Community Heart. An outdoor space for community events, it forms a vibrant pedestrian concourse with soft and hard landscaping. Accessibility to the hospital campus and its Community Heart is further encouraged by extending pedestrian links to the neighbouring areas, the Light Rail Transit network and the National Cycling Path Network.

Exploring the concept of Contemplative Healthcare, patient-centricity is expressed through complementary wellbeing and environmental sustainability design principles to achieve a healing environment. E.g., inlet/outlet ratio for openings optimized through Computational Fluid Dynamics analyses, were applied in combination with wind directors such as louvres to accelerate air-flow velocity and enhance natural ventilation. This simultaneously improves indoor comfort levels for patients and the environmental performance of the wards.

Outside, expansive landscaped gardens introduce a green oasis to its urban environment, contributing to the sensory and therapeutic experiences for patients and staff. Vertical sun-shading screens allow ward-bound patients to enjoy maximum views out while preventing excessive thermal heat-gain indoors; further contributing to a comfortable and delightful healing environment.

Design team

DP Architects, DP Design, DP Green, DP Sustainable Design