Bringing Out the Spunk in Ballet
Singapore Dance Theatre
201 Victoria Street

Red, bold and industrially chic, the new 2,000sqm campus of the Singapore Dance Theatre is far from your typical ballet studio. Polished wood surfaces and pristine white walls are perfectly punctuated by daring stacked wall feature and unconventional use of materials. Elegant yet resolute, the aesthetic combination of rugged shipping containers and glossy surfaces is more than an attempt to tackle stereotypical views of ballet. It is an expression of the raw strength and grace the art form demands.

Freedom of expression

Located on the seventh floor of Bugis+, the new campus of the Singapore Dance Theatre comprises a theatre housing four professional dance studios along with supporting facilities like a conference room, a sound mixing room, a study room, a library, a wardrobe room and shower facilities. The circulation of the space was planned to allow private users to access the studios via secured thresholds while maintaining a welcoming space at the foyer for the public to experience and enjoy.

To achieve the latter, huge perforated sliding doors have been located at the entrance. Kept fully open during operating hours, it maximises the luxury of space and merges the public space with the foyer, effectively drawing visitors in to witness the hard work and dedication of professional ballet dancers at practice.

Design team

DP Design