Creating Elements Conducive to Higher Learning
Singapore Institute of Technology @ Singapore Polytechnic
510 Dover Road, Singapore 139660

Located along Dover Road, the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) at Singapore Polytechnic was heavily influenced by its external site outline. Sited on an undulating terrain, a series of platforms for gradual ascents was conceived, forming a new set of network linkways and bridges. This modern educational hub complements Singapore’s move towards innovation and technology; and the design of the building provides an effective environment for applied learning.

The site is distinctively apportioned into four different zones – administration, teaching facilities, central plaza and sports hall. Site connectivity and internal circulation are paramount to the spatial organisation of the suggested programmes. The central plaza – the medial space between the SIT building and the sports arena – was designed as an open circulation and gathering space. Connectivity nodal points are thoughtfully dotted on the first floor, in areas with anticipated human traffic catchment. Pockets of open spaces were introduced to the north-south oriented building, drawing air into the internal, naturally ventilated spaces. With the adoption of building overhangs and façade recesses, solar exposure to the façade has also been minimised. These passive cooling measures help to reduce reliance on air conditioning to cool occupants, thereby decreasing the energy usage of the building, enhancing the element of sustainability within the campus.

SIT at Singapore Polytechnic, with its array of institutional and recreational facilities, intends to achieve a contemporary environment for integrated learning and recreational activities, advancing the aspirations of its’s student body in pursuing growth and development.

Design team

DP Architects, DP Design, DP Green