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Singapore Power Headquarters
2 Kallang Sector, Singapore 349277

Singapore Power Headquarters houses the various operational units of the SP Group, and is borne from addition and alteration efforts to an existing industrial building as well as the construction of new blocks to fulfill programme requirements. It design scheme navigates the complexity and prominence of the site, effectively accounting for the placement of the existing building in a manner that at once ensure coherence and satisfy extant site context.

A more monolithic expression of building form and scale, with fins expressing horizontality facing the PIE responds to the speed and movement of expressway traffic. Juxtaposed with this is a prominent curved wall that serves as acoustic barrier for the habitable roof spaces, and colourful sinuous elements that symbolise the dynamism of Singapore’s leading energy provider. Nature and daylight are introduced into the internal work zones through the use of skylights and landscaped roof terraces that cut into the deep floor plates. Strategically placed multi-volume key architectural nodes encourage interaction and collaboration between workers on different floors. A lush landscaped roof with recreational facilities caps off the building, creating a communal space dedicated to rest and relief.

For its synergistic application of passive and active sustainable design strategies, the project was awarded BCA’s Green Mark Platinum standard.

The design incorporates sustainable and wellbeing design strategies to create an energy-efficient and conducive workplace that encourages creative collaboration.

Design team

DP Architects, DP Engineers, DP Green, DP Sustainable Design