Bridging Sports and Community
Singapore Sports Hub
1 Stadium Drive, Singapore 397629

Singapore Sports Hub addresses the changing definition and role of sports in Singapore society, exemplifying how a unique centralised mixed-use ecosystem can be successfully developed, integrating sports, leisure, entertainment and lifestyle destinations. It is a unique take on sports legacy, with a huge emphasis on the everyday and creating a sense of place.

Located on a 35ha waterfront site, the Sports Hub occupies a strategic position adjacent to the heart of Singapore, an unusual location for a sports infrastructure. To justify the use of the prized land, one of the key principles was to develop a dynamic sports-driven hub ecosystem that will continue to be purposeful even without major sporting events. The Sports Hub aims to fuse the experience of a world-class sports centre with everyday participation, and to celebrate openness and public engagement.

Working with the challenges of a compact site, the design team had to conceive the best way to fit the diverse programmes, comparable to the range in an Olympic Park, into the tight site, but also to provide recreational opportunities for a vibrant environment on non-event days. Envisioning the role of a national sports hub to be more than just a single venue, the design team has created an iconic destination that is more than just a static set-piece, but one that actively engages with the country.

Design team

Master Plan

DP Architects + Arup + AECOM

Architecture (Sports Venue)

Arup Associates + DP Architects

Architecture (Office, Retail & Leisure)

DP Architects, DP Design




DP Façade