The Heart of Learning
SingChin Academy
Guangzhou Knowledge City, China

Learning is not confined within the walls of a classroom. Nested in a 7-hectare piece of land in Guangzhou Knowledge City, the SingChin Academy is a pioneering institution that provides 3,000 students with a 12-year education programme from primary school to high school, and includes a hostel that houses up to 2,000 students.

The institution is designed around the campus hub which is anchored by the field and clock tower, and houses common facilities such as the sports hall, a theatre and swimming pools. The two schools of SingChin Academy are situated along the southern and northern wing. Unique, inspiring and memorable interstitial spaces are designed for holistic learning experiences. The schools are connected through an activity spine, a common living room for idea exchange and collaboration that is populated with cultural, extra-curricular and sports facilities on both sides.

With the first phase of the project completed, the academy welcomed its first batch of students in September 2021.