Against the grain of industrial convention
81 Tagore Lane, Singapore 787508

Tag.A’s architectural design is thoughtfully expressed through careful detailing and a meticulous choice of materials, textures and colours. With the public-facing exterior juxtaposed against intimate and user-centric interior spaces, the industrial development effectively integrates aesthetics, function and user comfort.

To break away from the typical introverted and function-driven form, the glass and aluminium facade is consciously expressed with a rhythmic linear protruding and recessed pattern that breaks down the massing into a more welcoming and inviting scale with a contemporary aesthetic.

The insertion of verdant botany into the building on Level 1 and Basement 1 represents another breakaway element from conventionally drab industrial buildings. They function as strategic nodes that create a conducive and cross-ventilated environment in an industrial zone, as well as a circulatory zone for users, offering visual relief from the more urban aspects of the building. On the roof, a landscaped garden with a swimming pool, sheltered barbecue pits and seating create an outdoor recreational and community gathering place for tenants to socialize and bond, another unconventional unique characteristic that makes Tag.A stand out from its industrial counterparts.

In line with DPA’s ethos of creating built environment projects that uplift the human spirit, the unorthodox yet welcome façade of Tag.A stands out from traditional industrial buildings with its focus on the human and natural elements.

Design team

DP Architects, DP Green