A Distinctive Sculptural Form
The Bayshore
34 Bayshore Road, Singapore 469976

The sculptural elements that give The Bayshore its architectural identity follow from the historical understanding of Babylon’s Hanging Gardens, a vast, terraced ecological complex constructed by a king to house the transplanted gardens of distant lands in an effort to please his homesick wife.

Woven into the modern city, The Bayshore adopts many of the spatial qualities embedded within this ancient story by means of articulated forms clad in stone, heavy architectural features and an abundance of greenery that has since become a standard for residential developments in Singapore.

Modes of heavy expression and dynamic form serve as a stage for the dance of light and shadow, particularly resultant from the deep voids that separate each unit and divide each mass into four seemingly separate towers. The application of all these design techniques establishes The Bayshore with a level of formal and material articulation that brings to mind the stepped nature of Babylon’s construction.

A subterranean car park permits the landscape to provide a shaded, extensive garden with facilities serving a range of potential recreational forms, including tennis courts, pools and play areas. Sited along Singapore’s East Coast on a rectangular 4ha site, the 123,000sqm complex contains 1038 residential units in four 30-storey towers planned symmetrically along a north-south axis. Each pair of towers is connected by a 12-storey block that contains communal spaces.

Design team

DP Architects