A Gamechanger for Tourism Development In Dak Nong Province
The Dak R’tih Lake Eco-Tourism and Urban Area Master Plan at 1/2000
Gia Nghia Town, Dak Nong province, Vietnam

The Dak R’tih Lake Eco-Tourism and Urban Area master plan project is carried out as part of the overall tourism development in Dak Nong Province, Central Highlands of
Vietnam, where the tourism sector has been identified as one of its economic pillars in the near future. However, with its existing lack of tourism infrastructure, it is necessary to create a high impact “game changer” project for Dak Nong in order to kickstart its tourism development. The master plan in Ghia Nghia was thus, conceived as a major Tourism Hub and a gateway to the Geopark tourism in the province.

To ensure that offerings of the province are unique to Dak Nong, a clear positioning exercise in relation to the country’s top tourist destinations was conducted with the target of both local and international consumer groups of families, millennials and Gen Z as well as eco-tourists in mind.

Located at the reservoir with finger-like peninsulas and a wide water frontage, the masterplan is conceptualised to maximise the beauty of its natural surrounds and synergise with the socio-cultural nuances of the province. The master plan also leverages the official recognition of Dak Nong as one of the Global Geoparks and an understanding of the geopark ecosystem as well as the history of the formation of Dak Nong geopark. From here, DPU proposed a distinctive geo-themed resorts and park concept, including two cultural hubs promoting the 40 ethnic groups of Dak Nong. The first of its kind in Vietnam, it will enhance the geo-park experience while providing a window to the province.

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