Sophistication and Heritage at the Waterfront
The Fullerton Bay Hotel
1 Fullerton Rd, Singapore 049213

The Fullerton Bay Hotel stands at the forefront of luxury hospitality programmes in the Marina Bay area, steeped in historical heritage and culture. An icon of sophistication, the port’s physical and cultural heritage is proudly displayed, having assimilated the historic Customs House and Clifford Pier into its architectural fabric.

Originally opened in 1933, Clifford Pier, with its Art-Deco style concrete arch trusses, now serves as the main entrance and lobby of the hotel. To ensure a seamless procession, the outlook & façade of the entire hotel compound intentionally transitions gradually from a heritage appearance to the newly built intervention, articulated through the choice of materials and colour. The sloping, expansive glass façade of the hotel block was likewise carefully designed in response to its environment and heritage buildings flanking it. The slanting glass parapet on balconies captures the reflection of the existing buildings while offering an unobstructed view of the present Marina Bay development. It cleverly integrates the old and the new, keeping them side by side.

The architectural works on Fullerton Bay Hotel successfully marries the past and present through the meticulous articulation of transitory elements, gently embracing concepts of modern luxury while remaining resolutely rooted in its prestigious historical past.

Design team

DP Architects