Functional Form: Smart, Sustainable & Stunning
The Skyview
Hyderabad, India

Bold and iconic, The Skyview presents an office building aesthetic never before seen in Hyderabad’s Hitec City. Its envelope of double-glazed glass articulated by vertical perforated aluminum panels is an expression of the aspirations of the IT industry and ITES users. But more than stunning visuals, design smarts for a sustainable outcome lie beneath its façade design and engineering.

Conceived in collaboration with DP Façade, the exterior of the two 22-storey high-rise towers is designed to deliver optimal climatic response. The aluminum panels act as a screening element, allowing maximum natural daylight into the building without excessive heat glare. This not only ensures thermal comfort indoors for end-users but also contributes to lower HVAC operational costs despite the east-west orientation of the building.

The architectural scheme of The Skyview integrates wellbeing design elements such as landscaped courtyards, sculpture gardens, water features and al fresco dining into a pedestrian-friendly and vibrant environment. Thoughtfully programmed, the spaces come together to encourage social gatherings and facilitate interactions.

The Skyview was recognized for its people-centric and sustainable-focused design at the 2022 Global Architecture & Design Award under the Commercial (Built) category.

Design team

DP Architects

DP Façade