Celebrating People, Culture and Wellbeing
Transmart Bekasi
Bekasi, West Java

Transmart Bekasi revels in the celebration of life and the vivacity of its residents. Despite being a high-density development, Transmart Bekasi aims to maximise the use of urban enclaves to enliven the spirit of the district through creating Festivities that invite residents and visitors to indulge in the act of play and recreation. The varied facilities of Trans Park form a captivating and unique “Festivescape” that enraptures residents and visitors alive, promising unforgettable moments, timeless memories and delightful pleasures for every age group.

With spaces that pay tribute to well-being elements through open spaces, sky parks, green pockets and a semi-private green strip, it promises to promote healthy living and enabling an active society amongst its residents. With a festival boulevard dedicated to the development of a diverse array of local arts and culture, Transmart Bekasi demonstrates a holistic appreciation of healthy and modern urban living by enhancing convenience for residents.

The landscaping of the development is thoughtfully split into three distinct clusters that evolve in a gradient, with the southern cluster denoting a tropical theme, the central cluster possessing vibrancy and colour, and the northern cluster exuding a minimalist theme. The tropical greenery aids in enabling a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere that is attuned to the medication court and Zen Garden of the southern cluster. The vibrant colours in the middle cluster generate energy and activity that reflects the exercise corners and pools located within, and the minimalist theme in the northern cluster allows for greater emphasis on community and gathering.