Moving Away from the Conventional Mould
TSMP Law Office
6 Battery Rd, Singapore 049909

Applying the concept of “home away from home” to both interior design and planning, the underlying theme of TSMP Law Office was to break away from the traditional lawyer offices. The interior office concept embraces an elegant, timeless sophistication, while keeping the space open, airy and hospitable.

Attuned to the wellbeing needs of the modern-day worker, the project was imbued with a more holistic appreciation of healthcare and productivity outcomes, recognizing that spatial improvements have psychological impacts that accrue long-term beneficial outcomes. The design language of TSMP Law Office favours bright, illuminated space, permeated with tones of verdant green.

The meeting rooms were given an Art Deco treatment, adorned with eye-catching artworks and sculptures that create an atmosphere of liveliness and warmth. Focusing on the act of co-creation, the bespoke consultation rooms for each lawyer were designed specifically according to each lawyer’s lifestyle, serving as an extension of their own homes. This freedom of personalization empowers stakeholders with the agency of expression, honing their sense of participation in the design process, enhancing the spirit of inclusivity.

Design team

DP Design