An Organic Multidimensional Workspace
Verizon Corporate Office
Ocean Financial Centre, 10 Collyer Quay #16-01 Singapore 049315

The design proposal for Verizon Corporate Office sought to breathe new life into the office space. Reimagined to better facilitate Collaboration, integrate Organic elements, support Multi-Dimensional use and improve Efficiency, the transformed workspace invites employees to COME together to ideate and co-create.

This involved introducing well-curated meeting and focus rooms, each differing in theme and configuration from the other so as to cater to the varied needs and collaboration styles. In the central studio space, lush greenery with beautiful natural light and use of materials like timber, create a park-like setting; effectively bringing a sense of the outdoors in and uplifting the human spirit. This, in turn, contributes to employee wellbeing and productivity.

Moveable and agile system furniture enable the space to cater to a multitude of uses. Easily stowed away or reconfigured to a townhall set-up, the refreshed design of Verizon maximizes space and enables efficient use of office real estate. Sensitive towards employee needs while also mindful of both individual and group dynamics, the design of Verizon Corporate Office diligently and astutely reflects upon the needs of the modern work environment, while infusing the space with natural elements of botany to enhance wellness and wellbeing.

Design team

DP Design