Celebrating Historical and Cultural Connections
Zhongshan Park Integrated Development
16 Ah Hood Rd, Singapore 329982

The architectural scheme for Zhongshan Park Integrated Development, which comprises a shopping mall, a commercial tower and two hotels, breathes new life into the Balestier Conservation Area. Sited in a locale with more than 160 years of history, the development stands in respectful dialogue with its context and culture while introducing modern functions.

Naturally, the scheme not only drew references from elements of the traditional Chinese gardens and regional culture, but also responded to the adjacent Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall. In order to create an unobstructed view corridor towards the memorial hall, all functions were condensed along the boundaries of the site. This simultaneously reinforces its historical significance and creates the opportunity for the central spine of the site to be transformed into a delightful park.

Here, the courtyards and main seating areas are organised around two preserved Banyan trees. The water features form a vibrant transition between the hardscape on the south and the pockets of green spaces just across from the Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall. The event space on the north side opens up to the memorial hall. In this way, public space and landscape merge in an intimate reciprocal relationship that creates juxtaposition between a direct axial view and a meandering promenade through an architectural space.

Design team

DP Architects, DP Lighting, DP Sustainable Design