New Paradigm of Healthcare Design to Meet Changing Needs


Research has shown that healthier built environments increase satisfaction and influence healthy behaviour and lifestyles. This does not only apply to healthcare facilities but in all spaces in which people live, work and play. In the live webinar co-organised by BuildSG and MOH Office for Healthcare Transformation (MOHT), a panel of architects spoke about how Singapore’s healthcare infrastructure has evolved over the years and its possible course of continued growth. Ms Tania Wee, director at DP Architects and head of its Healthcare Typology Research Group, shared about the importance of social connectivity and how to approach place-based interactions.

With the necessity of physical distancing to curb the spread of COVID-19, it is all the more pertinent to have a holistic approach towards wellness — one that considers not just the physical but also the social and mental well-being. Drawing from two community-centric projects designed by DP Architects, Sengkang Healthcare Campus and Bukit Canberra, she shared how community-spaces not only contribute to social health but are also as avenues for health promotion and awareness.

The webinar was held on 16th July with the purpose of exploring and reflecting on solutions and insights in healthcare design to meet the constantly-changing needs of today.